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I’m Still Here!

Aside: as I type this, a neighbor is blaring the entire soundtrack to Phantom of the Opera. They started with track one, and on it’s gone; I am sort of amazed they – and no one else – is singing along. 

My mom asked me if I had been running lately.

“Just curious,” she prefaced her query. “I noticed you hadn’t written in your running blog for quite some time.”

Since she asked, and since I figure at least one other person in the world might have the same question (Dr. Dad), I thought it would be wise to get my fingers a-tapping.

So I’m here to tell you the short answer is yes!

The longer answer is I’ve been sometimes running with buddies (occasionally with Nessa, regularly with Alexis), sometimes with podcasts (State of the ReUnion! Pop Culture Happy Hour!), and always  with my imaginary dog (hey Dumbledore! I refuse to pretend I don’t imagine you anymore!). I’ve even hit up the pool again after a hiatus, helped Amara learn to swim, and spent time reading Runner’s World and Us Weekly on the elliptical. Once in a blue moon, I even lift weights. And after taking a season of soccer off, I’m back to that, too.

And now that I’ve said all that, I’ll say one more thing: I anticipate writing more about all of the above (and who knows what else) right here. Just not right now. Right now, The Diviners requires my attention.


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