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Last night, I was mentioning to my friend Aron that I had posted a photo of my feet on this here running blog. He looked down at my toes and said, “Aw, your feet are so cute!”

“It was the bottom of my feet…” I trailed off.

He picked up my foot and flipped it up toward him. “Well, the tops of your feet are so cute!” he cooed.

And that’s when a photo popped up in my inbox, sent straight from my mom. Good Babinski reflex for a little girl less than one day old. Clearly, she’d noticed my most recent posts.

“You know,” I said to Aron and turning the phone toward him, “there was indeed a time where the bottoms of my feet were adorable, too.”



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The Bottom

Of a runner’s foot, that is.

Share yours?


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Your Feet on Running

Welcome to your feet on running. That batwing like flap coming off my ring toe is yes, callused/dead skin just hanging out in the breeze (if there is indeed a breeze beneath my desk).



photo (3)

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